INoEA : an international network on EA

6 March 2013

In February 2013, an International network on esophageal atresia  (INoEA) was set up by health professionals and researchers working on esophageal atresia.


INoEA Aims are:
To organize every 2 years an international meeting on EA
To initiate international consensus and guidelines on EA.
To initiate international collaborative research programs

INoEA organization:
A steering committee including representative of the most active groups in the world to coordinate the activities of the network was created in February 2013

Steering committee:

Pr F Gottrand
Pôle enfant, Hôpital J de Flandre CHRU de Lille
Inserm U995, IFR114, Faculté de Médecine, Université de Lille2, France

One comment on “INoEA : an international network on EA

  1. kamran -

    i am disire to know about INoE GREATTER
    history-aim- way of data gattering-security and any other thing can help me to introduce inoea in our thesis a bout ea please help me


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