TOF/OA Leaflets now available in Arabic!

26 August 2015

TOFS member Mayyada Wazaify  translated some of the TOFS leaflets into Arabic!

Mayyada is Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Jordan and also Mum to five year old Mohammad, born with TOF/OA. Mohammad has needed six oesophageal dilatations along with the usual associated feeding problems but is now doing well.

Over the years since his birth, Mayyada has asked paediatrician friends to pass on her details to other EA mums in Jordan and now has quite a few contacts, all of whom know that they can ring her whenever they are having difficulties with feeding or dilatations etc. She also posts useful information in Arabic on her TOF Facebook page so already has done an amazing amount to raise awareness in her country.

Along with her assistant at the University, Dr Deema Jaber, Mayyada and ten of their 6th year Pharmacy students have been involved on this time consuming project. The initial aim is to have three of the leaflets translated into Arabic by July. These will be posted on the TOFS website and the EAT website, as well as on Mayyada’s EA Facebook page, helping to reach other TOF families and to bring awareness and real information on the TOF condition to a greater part of the world.

During her ‘dark’ times, Mayyada said that she had always found the TOFS leaflets very informative and reassuring, helping to answer her “oh so many” questions. This gave rise to her idea and her offer to translate some of the main leaflets into Arabic. It is, says Mayyada, her way to say thank you to TOFS, in her own way.

Many thanks to you Professor Mayyada Wazaify, to Dr Deema Jaber and to each of your students, Baraa’ah Al-Mughrabi, Alaa Al-Jaafreh, Nour Hasan, Nour Rahmeh, Razan Salameh, Yasmeen Maaitah, Eman Al Rawashdeh, Rawan Al-Froukh, Duha Al-Rashdan and Hanguin Ramadani.


Download the TOF Leaflets in Arabic from the links below:


TOF/OA guide for parents, teachers and carers

TOF/OA Adults – Health Issue

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