Recent Eat survey of EA patients

18 October 2014

Surgery is life saving, After-care is life enhancing

In July and August 2014, EAT conducted an inter­net-based international survey of parents/carers and EA patients which generated very nearly 1000 responses.

This survey contained 40 questions which, besides capturing each patient’s national­ity, date of birth, gender, height and weight, and initial condition, also covered a number of topics ranging from number of surgeries, follow-up/ after-care and the impact of the condition on matters such as family life, education, employment and personal/social relationships.

This article contains a summary of the results of this survey; however it is EAT’s intention to analyse further these results and to produce a more detailed paper with its findings.

Graham Slater Chairman, EAT

2 comments on “Recent Eat survey of EA patients

  1. Jenny -

    Hi! As an Australian who answered the questionnaire its dissappinting that “others” are left out of these initial pie graphs. Thanks very much for the effort so far but hope the full data us available soon 🙂

  2. Frederic Armand -

    Hi Jenny
    yes you are right but we had a very few answers from Australia. Calculateong percents and making comparaison with such results would not have been good


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