Comète : a symbolic Yule log to finance research on esophageal atresia.

1 January 2020
It’s been 10 years since the pastry chef Jérôme De Oliveira joined the French families support group AFAO of which he is the godfather.

A recognized association of general interest accredited by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health that helps and informs families whose children are born with esophagus atresia or a related pathology.

That is why, as the end of the year celebrations are coming, Jérôme De Oliveira has chosen to create an exclusive Yule log recipe of which 100% receipts will be donated to the association to finance research against this disease.

Thus was born Comète, a symbolic Yule log inspired by one of the 8 historical Santa Clauss’ reindeer, and more particularly the one known to bring happiness to children.

This pear, caramel and speculos Yule log will be on sale in a limited edition for 100,00€ each in Intuitions by Jérôme De Oliveira cake shops in Cannes and Grasse (France, French Riviera).

A great initiative that allows families to enjoy a beautiful Yule log while doing a good deed !

What do you want to do ?

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