A book for TOF children

6 October 2013

When our daughter Lois was born with trachea oesophageal fistula 10 years ago, my husband and I were in complete shock. Like most mothers, I had visualised us as a happy, relaxed family in the days following her birth. My illusions were shattered by reality of surgery, intensive care and hospital tests.

As we left the hospital with our 3 week old baby we felt intense relief that her surgery had been successful. Although the hospital had done a great job of explaining her condition to us, we were yet to discover the impact that all this would have on us all us a family.

Looking back, the years seem to have passed in a blur of chest infections, food blockages and nights of coughing rather than sleeping. At times I became so focussed on Lois’s health and diet that it was difficult to meet the needs of her older sister.

Thankfully, today Lois is a healthy 10 year old. However, many parents must be experiencing today the same problems that we experienced back then. I wrote this book in the hope of encouraging other families, and helping them to talk through some of the ways that T.O.F impacts us as families.

To obtain a copy, go to www.lulu.com  then to books then search “My Family and T.O.F.”

I really hope it can be of help.

Maggie Gale

maggi's book


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