AFAO Research Prize 2023 / Call for application.

3 March 2023

Due to the rare nature of esophageal pathologies, research project that aim to improve awareness and the treatment of these pathologies are few and far between. Since 2007, the French Association for esophageal atresia (AFAO – Association Francaise de l’Atresie de L’Oesophage) has regularly asked for applications for the Prix Fanny-Selena (prior to 2017, the Prix Fanny) in memory of two girls who passed away as a result of their desease.
The prize has enabled research to be initiated with a clear focus on the esophagus; an essential, functional but under-researched organ. Learn more

In the last 15 years, €215 000 have been allocated to research projects and 21 awards attributed to 21 different research teams.

Key Dates :



The proposals will be reviewed and adjudged by a scientific panel. This panel will study the projects and will designate the winner of the prize.


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