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25 May 2013

We have one dad who is a 3D animation designer and he teaches at a Lab Creation, a training program for 3D designers in Mesagne, a small town in Puglia. I have asked him if he would be willing to work on 3D animations to visualize EA and the main surgical repair treatments. He was very enthusiastic with the idea and got the whole Lab involved in this project.

It is worthy to say that this Lab is sponsored by the local Council and it is located in a building confiscated to the mafia. They use it now to offer training courses to the local unemployed youth and as an incubator for digital start-ups.

We got the local Council representative very enthusiastic with the idea of partnersing with our association and they have been featured in the local newspaper for this innovative way of supporting a worthy cause.

Develop these 3D animations is not easy and we are getting lots of support from our doctors from the Neonatal and Pediatric surgeons at Rome Bambino Gesù Hospital and Bari Policlinico to provide techical information on the tools used, the anatomy involved and they have been very good at reviewing quickly the drafts and offering suggestions.

It is a great learning opportunity for all of us!

We think that the final product will be an excellent tool to help doctors, parents and patients worldwide to understand the characteriscs of EA and how the surgery is performed. We are all familiar with the akward sketches that our surgeons scribbled on a piece of paper to explain the patology and the kind of surgery they performed. Or, we have all tried our best to find good pictures to illustrate our brochures and our website. However, for non specialistis, it is very hard to clearly visualize how things work inside those little bodies.

We thought that 3D animation is an excellent tool widely used in the medical-scientific world to simulate and visualize even the most complicated conditions and operations. We don’t want to be too ambitious, but we have been very lucky to find a generous group of experts in such a specialized field, who are willing to work pro-bono on such an innovative project. It is very important to find a balance between clarity and scientific accuracy. So far the doctors who are helping us are very happy with the results and we are confident that the final product will be useful for doctors and parents.
Once all the video animations will be ready, they’ll be available on our new website and we’ll be happy to share them with you and all the EAT community. We won’t use any voice over, only titles that can be easilty transalted in the different languages.
Below you can find pictures of the group at work and a frame of one of the animations.

Cristina Duranti, co-founder of F.AT.E,

anim_fate           anim_fate2


group at work                                                                    a frame of one of the animations.

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