Emergency and Health Card for EA patients

31 August 2020

In France, on behalf of the Health Affaires Ministry, the Reference Center on EA, created in 2009 a personal document titled “Emergency and Health Card”. It was updated in 2019. This emergency card is delivered after birth to each infant with esophageal atresia and inserted in the health booklet.

The emergency card contains two separate parts. The first part includes personal data and emergency information about EA. Basic information on the disease and, most frequent complications and personal medical information are summarised :

The second part of the card details medical information about EA and golden rules for doctors who care EA children with acute symptoms, as well as parent’s associations in France and the reference center.

While the card is given to families after the first hospitalization it is filled through the prolonged follow up. It is available in French and English.

Orphanet good practices in emergency for esophageal atresia


Pr F Gottrand
CHU Lille, Univ. Lille, Infinite Inserm U1286, Lille, France

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