The TOF Book

26 July 2021

Most people have never heard of oesophageal atresia (OA) or tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF) and Internet sourced information can be questionable and neither filtered nor put into context. Containing contributions written by medical experts, this is where The TOF Book comes into its own – to be kept close to hand and referenced time and again. It is written in a language that all can comprehend – and is superbly illustrated. This unique book includes information about new surgical techniques and medications; more information on VACTERL (a group of conditions which can occur alongside OA/TOF); updated research on long-term outcomes; insights into adult life… and much more. The TOF Book should be in the home of every TOF family. It is also an invaluable book for all health professionals involved in the care of patients with OA/TOF, and should be mandatory reading for surgeons training in children’s surgery. A completely re-written version of “The TOF Child” (1999), the new title reflects increasing interest in the progress of adults born with OA/TOF. Co-edited by Consultant Paediatric Surgeon David Crabbe and by Vicki Martin (herself an adult TOF) multiple contributing authors ensures that information represents practices around the UK and worldwide.

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