Survey: emotional well-being and support groups

4 May 2022

All parents/patients affected by esophageal atresia may participate in this survey.

Data collected will be used as part of a PhD study link to Stellenbosch University, South Africa.  The study has been approved by the Health Research Ethics Committee of Stellenbosch University (N21/10/119 and S20/10/260). The results will be made available to EAT and may be used for publications in medical journals and at medical conferences.

Should you need any help with emotional support after this survey, please contact your local medical team or support group for referrals : see the list

All participants need to be 18 years and older.
Any questions may be directed to any of the study co-ordinators (listed below).


Thank you for taking 5 minutes to help us with this !


Principal investigator: Dr C de Vos (

Co-investigators: Dr W de Vos (, Dr Annemie Burke (

EAT: Anke Weidemann-Grolig (

Supervisor: Prof D Sidler

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