Record number of Adult TOFS attend 2018 Adult TOF Seminar

6 August 2018

A record number of adults born with Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula and/or Oesophageal Atresia (‘Adult TOFs’) attended the Adult TOF Seminar, held at Friends House, London on June 16th 2018.

The Seminar commenced with five Adult TOFs describing their life with TOF/OA.

Three of them were doctors. With their medical training and first hand knowledge of TOF/OA they offered a well-informed and fresh insight into various TOF/OA topics :

Dr Caroline Love spoke about what being a TOF has meant to her. Caroline is a doctor at a hospital in Northern England. She had an article about her TOF/OA (jointly written with Professor Alyn Morice) published in the British Medical Journal a few years ago.

Dr Harriet Tucker spoke about how being born a TOF has impacted her life. Luckily for Harriet, it hasn’t affected her life as much as some people – Harriet raised a lot of money for TOFS in 2014 by running the London Marathon. Harriet works in Emergency Medicine in a London hospital.

Dr Wallace Vuokko Wallace about psychological issues faced by TOF adults. Vuokko is a teaching fellow at the University of Bath. She is leading a current research project (supported by TOFS) ultimately aimed at making online psychological support tools available for those impacted by TOF/OA and some other rare diseases.


Next, the audience listened to four TOF/OA Experts discussing various topics including prevalence and treatment of Barrett’s Oesophagus and Oesophageal Cancer, the ‘TOF Cough’, and supporting mental health and wellbeing when living with long-term medical conditions.

A Powerpoint presentation was played, demonstrating to all present how living with TOF/OA affects  lives in many different ways to various extents. A lively discussion session concluded a very interesting and informative afternoon.

In total, 31 Adult TOFs attended this Seminar, beating the records from previous gatherings. This substantial turnout demonstrates to the healthcare professions that there are a significant number of Adult TOF people who are very interested indeed in their own condition.

We hope for an even larger turnout – so as to demonstrate this all the more – at the next TOFS event for TOF/OA adults.

This article is written with information from TOFS website

One comment on “Record number of Adult TOFS attend 2018 Adult TOF Seminar

  1. Brandin Rudder -

    I am a 33 year old woman that was born with EA. My last operation was 10 years ago but I still have to go in for dilation of the esophagus periodically. I would like to be a speaker at an event. I want to get my story out there. What are the requirements? Is there compensation? Please let me know.


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