Bernhard Warner

1 May 2013

Bernhard is a journalist, editorial consultant, public speaker, author and entrepreneur. His journalism career began in the United States in the early 1990s. He has worked in news rooms on three continents, writing for Reuters,, The Times of London, and today for Bloomberg Businessweek. Bernhard’s writing has also appeared in TimeThe Guardian,Wired, New York Magazine and many other publications. Bernhard also advises and trains companies, organizations and NGOs with their digital communications strategy. This includes media training and ensuring companies policies and procedures are updated for the Twitter age.

Bernhard lives in Rome today. He is married and is the father of twin girls, one of whom, Teodora, was born with VACTERL. Bernhard is co-founder, along with his wife Cristina, of F.AT.E., the Italian support group for families and friends of children born with AE and VACTER(L).

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