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Innovation: Aid simulator for families (AFAO)

11 December 2021

As a privileged partner of the Reference Center for Chronic and Malformative Conditions of the Esophagus (CRACMO), the French Association for Esophageal Atresia (AFAO) has developed in 2021, with the support of the Health Insurance (National Fund for Health Democracy), a financial and […] LEARN MORE

TOFS Family Conference: postponed until 2022

15 September 2021

Given the vulnerability of some of our members in the current health crisis, and the priorities of medical colleagues, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 TOFS Conference, which we had planned for this October. With good […] LEARN MORE

Useful EA terms in various languages

30 July 2021

Terminology glossar on esophageal atresia                       Terminology glossar on esophageal atresia  

The TOF Book

26 July 2021

Most people have never heard of oesophageal atresia (OA) or tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF) and Internet sourced information can be questionable and neither filtered nor put into context. Containing contributions written by medical experts, this is where The TOF Book comes […] LEARN MORE

TOFS Video/easy-to-understand introduction to TEF/EA

01 June 2021

This short animation is a comforting and easily followed introduction to TOF/OA.  The terms are clearly explained in a down-to-earth way and there is an overview of what this might mean for your child. It’s creator, Vicki Martin, is an […] LEARN MORE

TOFS awareness week

17 March 2021

TOFS in the UK is having an ‘Awareness Week’ for esophageal atresia from Monday March 15 until March 21. This is deliberately coincidental with International Swallowing Awareness Day on Wednesday 17 March,  and the NHS (National Health Service) England  Nutrition and […] LEARN MORE

Little Info cards make life easier for German patients with esophageal atresia

25 November 2020

A lot of patients with esophageal atresia have a very noisy cough. The German patient organization for children and grownups with esophageal atresia (KEKS) now provides their member with little informative leaflets in credit card format. They let other people […] LEARN MORE

09/11 Kids art auction for OATSA – South Africa

06 November 2020

On the 9th of November, OATSA organize a kids art auction on live, for their first awareness month ! See more about the event   November 2020 is the first awareness month for OATSA, the non-profit company and support group […] LEARN MORE

The sixth international conference on EA will be held in Cincinnati, USA, in 2022.