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Purpose of www.we-are-eat.org
The purpose of this web site is to provide information for EA support groups, EA patients and their families, health professionals, other stakeholders and any other organisation or individual concerned with esophageal atresia.

we-are-eat.org  does not provide medical advice.  It cannot be used to make, confirm, or treat a medical diagnosis, or condition. If you have questions or concerns about EA, you should contact your physician or surgeon.

The primary language of the site is English, chosen to facilitate communication among speakers of European and other languages world-wide.

Please note that in most instances the American English spelling of ‘esophageal atresia’ (hence the use of abbreviations EA and TEF) is used in preference to the form ‘oesophageal atresia’ (abbreviated as OA). The latter form, typically used in the UK and some other countries, is retained only where it is part of a name, an original document or submission to this web-site. The reasons for this are (a) because the use of ‘esophageal atresia’ and its abbreviation  ‘EA’ is in line with our federation’s name (EAT) and (b) because the international medical community more generally uses the form ‘esophageal atresia’.  We thank you for your understanding.

EAT Board Member responsible for the website :
Frédéric Armand

Graham Slater

Editorial board
Medical experts of the editorial board write or validate medical or scientific information in the section : Tell me more about esophageal atresia, innovative care management, resources for health professionals.
Non-medical members of  the editorial board (eg EA adults, EA parents) write articles in the section: About EAT, Testimonies, EAT events.

Advertising policy
we-are-eat.org does not carry any paid advertising and does not endorse any commercial products.

Funding sources
We-are-eat.org  has been funded with support from Covidien, a major global healthcare products company.   This support has any influence over  we-are-eat.org  content.
Annual hosting fees are paid by EAT.

EAT website copyright
we-are-eat.org  is an original intellectual creation which  falls within the scope of copyright protection. Its contents and design are therefore protected by intellectual property rights.

we-are-eat.org  is available only for personal, non-commercial use. Users are not permitted to copy, reproduce, republish, post, distribute or modify in any way all or any part of this site, unless with the express written permission of EAT.

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