Medical Advisory Committee

The EAT Board works with with an international  team of  medical experts and Special Advisors.

The Medical Advisory Committee provides medical and scientific support

The members of EAT Medical Advisory Committe are:

Luigi Dall’oglio (Rome, Paediatric Surgeon)
Michaela Dellenmark-Blom (Gothenburg,  Quality Manager & Researcher)
Paolo De Coppi  (London, Paediatric Surgeon)
Carmen Dingemann (Hannover, Paediatric Surgeon)
Christophe Faure (Montreal, Paediatric Gastro-enterologist)
Frederic Gottrand (Lille,  Paediatric Gastro-enterologist)
Anastossios Kombourlis (Washington, Paediatric Pulmonologist)
Tom Kovesi (Ottawa, Paediatric Respirologist)
Usha Krishnan (Sydney, Paediatric Gastro-enterologist)
Corne de Vos (Cape Town, Paediatric Surgeon)
Mike Rutter (Cincinnati, ENT Paediatric Surgeon)René Wijnen (Rotterdam, Pediatric Surgeon)

Special Medical Advisor: David van der Zee.
David van der Zee is the former head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery in Utrecht is a ‘Special Medical A.or’ to EAT.

Special Patient Advisor’: Graham Slater
Graham Slater is the former Chairman of EAT (from 2011 to 2021). He is also member of the Council of Management for TOFS, the UK EA support group.
Graham was born in 1953 with esophageal atresia and a trachea-esophageal fistula and is one of the oldest survivors of the condition.
Graham is a  member of the INoEA Transition project team and is the Lead ePAG (patient representative) in ERNICA