EAT board

Chairman: Graham Slater. TOFS, Great Britain


Graham Slater is the Chairman of EAT. He is also a member of the Council of Management for TOFS, the UK EA support group.

Graham was born in 1953 with esophageal atresia and a trachea-esophageal fistula and is one of the oldest survivors of the condition.

Graham, who is a retired IT Management Consultant, lives in Worcestershire, England with his wife Beverley and has two grown-up daughters.

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Vice-Chair: JoAnne Fruithof. VOKS, The Netherlands



JoAnne Fruithof is the Vice-Chair of EAT and also a board member of VOKS, the Dutch support group for people with EA.

She has three children. Her middle son, born in 2006, was born with EA. She lives in Hellendoorn.  In daily life she is a veterinarian.



  Secretary: Evelyn Svoboda. KEKS, Switzerland

Evelyn Svoboda2

Evelyn Svoboda-Siebenpfund is secretary of EAT and is a former board member of KEKS Germany, the German EA support group. She also founded the Swiss section of KEKS (OA-Switzerland).

Evelyn has four children;  her youngest daughter was born with long gap EA in 1996.

She lives in Aesch near Basle and is working for the children and adults protection authority. She holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Basle.




 Treasurer: Anke Widenmann-Grolig. KEKS, Germany

Anke_WidenmannGrolig (2)

Anke Widenmann-Grolig is the Treasurer of EAT and has also been the Treasurer of KEKS Germany since 2005.

The youngest of her three children was born in 1999 with long gap EA.

Counselling the parents of children born with EA and the transition from paediatric to adult care are her particular EA  interests.

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Board member: Frédéric Armand. AFAO, France


Frédéric Armand is the EAT Board member responsible for the EAT web site and social networking (EAT twitter and EAT facebook). Frédéric is one of the co-founders of the French EA support group AFAO.

Frédéric  is the father of two boys, one of whom  was born with with long gap EA.

He is a Biology teacher and lives in Paris.

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Board member: Bernhard Warner. FATE, Italy

Bernhard Warner headshot 2013
Bernhard Warner is an EAT board member, elected in April, 2015. Prior to that, he was a member of the EAT editorial board.

Bernhard is a journalist and entrepreneur, based in Rome. He continues to tap his vast newsroom experience to help communicate and promote EAT’s many achievements globally. He is a founding member of the Italian EA support group, FATE, or l’Associazione Famiglie con Atresia Esofagea. He is married, and is the father of twin girls.