Privacy policy

EAT will respect the confidentiality and the intellectual property of all and any information contained within, or referred to by, this website. EAT is committed to comply with the respective data protection legislation of the EU and/or of the countries represented by its member associations.

EAT does not retain any personal information about you, except when you are requested to provide  information, such as when you make contact with EAT through this website. Any such personal information will be used only to identify and the information will not be shared with any other individual or organisation unless with your express permission.

Each time  is visited, some basic technical data is collected. This is used so that EAT can understand better where its visitors come from, how long they stay on the website and what aspects of the EAT website are viewed. However we do not know the identities of or any other personal detail related to these website visitors. does not make use of ‘cookies’.

Please note that EAT cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of any links to websites external to the domain.  has security measures in place to protect the loss and misuse  of the information contained within it. These measures are the responsibility of our hosting company.


last modification :  20/10/2013