Celebration of the CRACMO Birthday, Lille, France.

25 April 2017

The National Reference Centre of Congenital conditions and Malformation of the Oesophagus (CRACMO- Centre de Référence National des Affections Congénitales et Malformatives de l’Œsophage) – celebrated its 10th anniversary during the weekend of 16-17th December 2016, inviting families and children concerned by these pathologies in France to come and share a festive moment as well as cultural activities at the Lille aerodrome.

About fifty families made the trip to participe in the programme on this occasion; medical conferences were held for the parents to inform them of advances made over the last 10 years (amongst other subjects) whilst, for the children there were activities and artistic workshops such as creating video clips, fun musical games, face-painting, Flemish games and creating objects with vegetables.

The day ended with a private concert by Deluxe, where we were joined by staff of the Jeanne de Flandre – CHRU Lille hospital. On the Sunday morning, families who wished to, could visit the Lille Natural History museum and Gare Saint Sauveur which is a cultural and leisure space hosting art exhibitions, concerts and movies, as well as family-orientated events.
An unforgettable moment for young and old!!!


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