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01 April 2017

ERNICA will focus initially on congenital gastro-intestinal (GI) diseases such as OA, CDH (Congenital Diaphramatic Hernia), Hirschsprungs Disease and Small Bowel Syndrome. It aspires, at a later date, to tackle acquired diseases such as Achalasia (also relevant to OA patients). […] LEARN MORE

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01 April 2017

Presentation by the European Commission of  the European Reference Networks 2017_brochure_en

ERNICA: an European reference network which focuses mainly on EA

08 March 2017

ERNICA is a European Reference Network (ERN) which addresses congenital malformations and diseases that appear early in life and require multidisciplinary care and long-term follow-up, and examines the transition to adulthood. What will ERNICA do? ERNICA will focus initially on […] LEARN MORE