EURORDIS Winter School on Scientific Innovation & Translational Research 2019

9 August 2018

The second edition of the EURORDIS Winter School on Scientific Innovation & Translational Research will take place from 11 – 15 March, 2019 at the Imagine Institute in Paris.

This unique training, organised in partnership with Solve-RD, offers patient advocates the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how pre-clinical research translates into real benefits for rare disease patients.

Apply now for the EURORDIS Winter School!

The EURORDIS Winter School was launched last year as part of the EURORDIS Open Academy.

If you are a patient advocate wanting to learn more about how research is carried out and how patients can influence research, apply for the EURORDIS Winter School 2019.

The Winter School consists of one week of face-to-face training (11 – 15 March in Paris) and training modules that are also available for anyone to complete online.

Applicants should clearly set out in their application how they expect to benefit from the training, which covers topics including genetics, diagnosis, data sharing, gene therapy, and drug repurposing, as well as how they plan to use and share the experience gained during the Winter School with their networks. Preference will be given to applicants who are, or are planning on, engaging in European Reference Network research activities and/or other research projects and who can demonstrate specific interests in diagnostics and pre-clinical research.

Costs for accommodation, training materials and most meals are covered by EURORDIS. Fve fellowships will also be awarded to cover travel costs to a maximum of 250€.

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